Why Use Xero

Xero is the future!

Using the cloud for bookkeeping eliminates so many problems:

Software versions

  • No need to upgrade each computer with the latest release of the software.
  • No need for your accountant to make sure that your running a compatible version and that the file they give you back will work on your system.

Sending backups to your Accountant? No more.

  • No need to send your data to the accountant at all, we can access and work on your accounts in the cloud in real time.
  • No need to send you a list of opening balance adjustments, it’s all on the same system.

Reduced Data Entry

Most businesses use online banking (another cloud solution). 
Why should you need to manually type in the bank receipts and payments so that you can match up invoices and bills, when you banking is in an electronic format anyway. With Xero either upload the electronic format or if it’s available just add a bank feed and see the transaction appear.

Real time support

Because we can access your live accounting system if you call with a query we can help you right away. No messing about to get a backup to restore to our system to check that you’ve made the right entries. Collaboration is the way forward.


Access your data from any internet enabled device. Know exactly how your business is performing wherever you are, whenever you want. You could run your business from your iPad!! Work at home or in the office without having to move around data files or risking losing data.

Simple Expense claims

With Xero you can take photos of your receipts for easy inclusion in your expense claims, or you team members. Which avoids the build-up of a huge load of receipts to put in order. Real-time is the key, if you really want to know how your business is doing then accurate expense claims are crucial.

Support included

We include accounts support to our clients as part of the deal, Xero include free online software support and some amazing training resources (See Xero TV).

There’s even a button on every page to click on that offers help on that specific page. Never feel lost again.

Xero + Relative = Support covered.

Expensive Annual upgrades? As if...

Xero have a huge R&D Budget and are constantly find new and better ways of doing things. On average there is a software release by Xero every 3-6 weeks. And best of all, it’s included in your subscription, even better though there’s nothing to install, open your browser, login and off you go.

Better communication

Xero just encourages it, which means a better relationship between accountant and client. It means we know more about your business than with any other way of working, we can log into the software together, review the exact same data and at speed. This means quick, relevant answers to the issues that most businesses don't address with their accountant until the year end, when it’s just too late.


Empowered to make decisions.

This is a core value to Relative. How can you make informed decisions if you accounting data is out of date (or not even there at all)? How can you know if you can afford to take on another team member, new piece of equipment, new sports car? Relying on cash in the bank doesn’t work for most businesses.

If your business is struggling how can you know if you need to make redundancies, find other support, look at cutting costs if you don’t have up to date ‘Real time figures’.

We want to educate you with a precise picture of where you are so that you can make the right decisions, we believe for a lot of businesses Xero is the tool for the job.

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