A New Adventure

It's a dream that's been in the making for many years, all we want to do is change a profession. Or perhaps just the perception of one.

We want to be welcomed at parties, we want people to say "wow, that must be an interesting job" and mean it. I guess we want to spread the word that us accountants live in a fascinating world at work - your world. Not only do we run our own business, we get to walk amongst many; watching, listening and learning about success. We want to share, develop and ultimately help others.

With all this in mind we drew up a list of rules to live our lives by, from this Relative was born.

We want to be accountable so we must share this with you...

Our Manifesto

We will

  1. Be explorers of opportunity
  2. Make an impact on clients, team, community
  3. Walk the walk
  4. Be committed to education and empowerment
  5. Listen
  6. Be fair
  7. Be interested and interesting
  8. Innovative
  9. Have those courageous conversations
  10. Be clear

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