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Running a business is tough

Relative offer a creative approach to accountancy for creative business people.

We recognise that running a business often means wearing different hats and experience tells us that most of the time the financial advice you receive isn’t born from the same viewpoint.

Whatever your outlook on business, it's likely to correspond with how you control your finances. Life never stops changing and neither should your business, which is why we choose to work differently. Some accountancy firms seem to have forgotten that business, people, money and growth are all relative to you and your individual aspirations and needs.

We like to think that we see our clients’ businesses from lots of different angles, sharing your view, listening, challenging, educating and advising but never losing sight that it’s always relative to what YOU want to achieve.

To put it simply, we stand for bean counting and creative thinking. We might speak very different languages, but in short, we are communicators – it's just that our language is numbers. It makes sense if we do the maths.

At Relative, we like to have conversations. If you'd like a chat with us please call 01484 441431.

Better, stronger, fitter. We now have a greater degree of control of our business. It is a human revolution, Viva La Revolución!

Kevin Nurse, Actseum Limited.

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National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage 2019/20

If you have employees then its essential that you keep up to date with the changes to the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage.

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